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4 box set of Education

Earths Most Educational Pot T- Shirt!

Earths Most Educational Cannabis T-Shirt!
Our Prosperity  was intentionally taken from US because of Greed. The "ToxiChoice" was made for US in 60 thousand different non-sustainable ways!
All of the most pressing problems of today, Environmentally and Biologically can be Linked back to 1937 Cannabis Prohibition. How? Top 2 reasons (out of 60k): Alcohol & Pot Prohibition were Never about "getting wasted", it was really about the elite/richest, whom have been Suppressing "Natural Energy Solutions" N.E.S. to Protect their interests.

Since Nixon, the DEA has spent over a trillion dollars fighting "Mostly Pot"! Our gov. all together, has spent Trillions trying to Suppress our Knoledge of the Everything Plant.

    Dis-Information is very much alive! There are Decades of Studies along with massive amounts of Pharmaceutical & DEA "Data" about long term use. The Political Process is obviously very Broken.

     Studies are passed along in our Political System, never reaching the Light of day. One of the first medical pot studies, started on Presidents Bush Sr.'s term, only to have it Removed, along with all Cannabis information from USA's Libraries and Compendiums. Then Bush never mentions it, even though it has Positive health effects.

     Mostly unknown, underlying issues are so massively Important to all Life on Earth, that's why the majority of Americans have been Manipulated & Lied to. 

    "Stoned driving" in the News is designed to create Fear in the Majority of US. Traffic Accidents from "beginners" or the "sick from overdose", do happen, however, it is seriously just a Drop in the Bucket, a fraction, when compared to Alcohol related accidents.
     Extremely low statistics  makes the "News" instead of an actual first, recognized "PANACEA", that could Help Heal ALL of US & the Earth!  Statistics indicate "No" upswing in traffic deaths related to cannabis. Everything we were/are told about POT is a LIE!

     People "New" to consuming Cannabis, aka; pot, should use extreme caution, there are regulations for a reason. It is very Easy to get sick and feel like you're dying from just an "extra cookie".
     Still No One has ever died from Smoking, however, Edibles (pot in food) have a different effect. Edibles are stronger than reg. pot because it's a concentrated extract.

     ALWAYS, I repeat, Always follow Directions! If You Eat too much, you will feel very sick for about 5 hours! Easy to do without "REGULATIONS" which provide product info. & directions. For a Person without Tollerance (Never using), it is possible to "overdose" eating just half a small cookie! Edible Overdoses that occupy hospital emergency rooms are there mostly because people Didn't Follow Directions.

     The media will fill You with Fear (neg. perception) when the Truth is so exceeding of our imaginations of what Good this plant can do for  literally Everyone and Everything!

     Medicines are just part of what Pot can do to Help our population and planet. Pharmaceutical drug interactions kill 91 people everyday. Prescription Medications, taken as directed, kills someone every 5 minutes, that's 100,000 Americans a year, altogether that's 270 Deaths per day, more than twice as many who are killed in car accidents each day.

    Prescription opioid deaths, now surpass gun-related deaths! Big Pharma is literally killing more people than GUNS! The opioid epidemic in America is killing more people than guns and the blame rests squarely on Big Pharma. Until 2007, the number of deaths by firearm was five times greater than those caused by overdoses, but in 2015 overdose deaths surpassed gun deaths for the first time and it looks like the trend will continue.

    Finally seems the federal regulations caught up to the pharmaceutical giants. Doctors have wised up and many now feel the epidemic hasn’t disappeared so much as it has evolved behind the spotlight. The normal progression is from Anxiety / Pain pills to heroin for multiple reasons; cost, more effective, easier to get, etc. Pot helps heroin withdrawals by 50% and  Helps Save Lives, states with legal pot saw 25% drop in opioid fatalities. Pot may also help with the current epidemics of crack and meth.

    The Scariest Addiction is the Pill Addiction,...silently,...slowly,...consumes   your body & soul. One can always tell who has such addictions as in the parallel increased "Lying". The Pharm-Pill Addiction is everywhere and well hidden. Just taking a zanax or a clonapin once in a while (prescribed or not), it will only increase in use for a % of our population. They are Nearly impossible to Quit on your own. Thats the Scary part! Addicts will ultimately go to 1 of 3 places if they do not admit they need help; 1) Jails 2) Institutions & 3) Death. 

     We need to Re-Educate Everybody, this society is getting "Played! The Earth and it's Inhabitants, are being Poisoned, All Needlessly! Cannabis could create SUSTAINABILITY both Biologically & Environmentally. Help Educate about Cannabis-Sustainability. I Love my country enough to want to educate in order to Fix our Governments & People, "Peacefully"...don't You?

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Frank Altomari, who at age 16, created PotMan & Courteous Cannabis cartoon super heroes in the early 1980's,