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Since 1937 Prohibition, We have All been misled by the corruption. All populations are innocent Victims. Utilizing Cannabis would Eliminate Most of Our Pain and Suffering! Pot was legal throughout Human history...until 1937.  Let's Take a Closer Look at PotMan.

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Currently, the state of most international drug laws treats users as criminals. If you’re caught with a certain amount of drugs, you could get slammed for possession or even “intent to distribute”. A simple "speeding ticket" could spell out Jail time and a criminal record. In turn, your life will become infinitely more complicated.
You won’t be able to get certain loans, job searches could be drastically hindered and your life could be sent on a spiral away from your true potential as a human being.
And why? Because you decided to use a “substance” that isn’t “sanctioned” by an external entity? You dared to defy the "status quo".

     Unless you are actually breaking the Law or Hurting someone else or their property, there should be no criminal consequences to altering your own perception and consciousness.

     It is ludicrous to think that we have given the government so much Power. Would you be willing to have the government regulate your diet? If you were overweight, would you be willing to have the government dictate how many times you get to go out and eat at a fast food joint? Of course you wouldn’t. You’d consider it as an invasion of privacy and a violation of your human rights.

    Cannabis use is about Freedom of Consciousness  It all comes down the idea of Freedom. Objectively speaking, we Never were “Free”. Like most things, the Law creates Positives as well as Negatives. We are subjected to certain laws and social guidelines, breaking these guidelines would result in forfeiture of your liberty.  In most cases, this would only happen when you harm others, cause destruction of someone’s property or have any direct negative effect on another person’s life. In other words, your freedom ends where another’s begin.

    The idea of “Drug Laws” go beyond this scope. It is a direct violation of your freedom in the sense that you no longer hold the total authority over your body. You are now subjected to additional guidelines that invades your personal choice.

    The government doesn’t take issue with altering your state of mind. (See the article "How Marijuana Changes Your State Of Mind About Life). Why has Alcohol & Prescription Pills been Legal? However, if you choose to alter your state of mind with any of the substances they don’t deem “fitting”, you will have your liberty revoked.  This in turn means that the government has made some “claim” over your body. It is no longer “personal property” but rather belongs to the state.

    Are we merely leasing our bodies from Federal powers? Are we nothing more than cattle? This is why Marijuana Consumption is about your Human Rights. It is about protecting your Right to Choose what you do to Your Body. 
    The other question that comes to mind is, “why does the government allow you to alter your mind with certain substances, but not others?” What are they so afraid of?
    Knowledge IS Power , Peaceful Unity Demanding Real Change is the Answer.

About Us

Frank Altomari, who at age 16, created PotMan & Courteous Cannabis cartoon super heroes in the early 1980's,