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PotMan Mad, Courteous Sad!

 PotMan Mad, Courteous Cannabis Sad !
Nothing could Help more than "Utilizing Cannabis" Everywhere. Every State needs an Upgrade overdue since 1937! It's no wonder that every states Infrastructure is falling apart and too expensive to repair all that Needs to be Repaired. Society could have reached Opitum levels, instead of loosing our Collaboration with NATURE.

PotMan Mad, Courteous Sad

Up until now, we rely primarily on leveling forests and taking things out from beneath the ground, using up Earths Precious Natural Resources while Polluting Air, Water & Ground, instead of Utilizing Cannabis, that's what's destroying the earth & causing the green house effect. Farmers & Everyone else could literally save the earth by growing HEMP.

The Earth will always survive, however, we as a species and just about every other species on the planet will not survive if we continue on the path that we are now on. And that's not my opinion, that's what the international panel of climate control has stated.

    The Reason why cannabis sales/consumption is Rising is actually a Great thing! Late Night comedians Tell it like it's a bad thing, then put a lame spin on it that's supposed to be funny. The elevating Use does Not mean that the Addiction rate is Rising, the Addiction rate always remains the Same.

    Even though I use the word addiction, it is Only "Mentally Dependent to 9% of people.  Using it to "get high", the addiction/dependent rate caps off at 9%. That is the Least addictive substance we use. Caffeine, for example has a 11% addiction rate. Mentally dependent users do not suffer the physical withdrawals that would occur from other "drugs".

    For Thousands of years, mankind has Utilized plants for Enlightenment purposes.
Cannabis has been used in sacred ceremonies for our entire history. The ancient Vedas, Hindi texts, date back 3,500 yrs. ascribes they had embraced this plant. Their Hindi god "Shiva" literally worshiped cannabis. 
    There are 6 strains slightly more conducive to Meditation, creating raised Vibrations of a Positive nature. Some strains may work opposite of another, since Everyone is Different, experimentation may be required. Until the Day comes when We get Blood tests to Determine the "Proper Terpine & Strain for Every Body & Brain"! 
    Meditation produces inner calmness, stress relief, fights depression and more.

    Hemp consumption should be Daily , small amounts of fresh plant materials are Preventative Medicine (for most) and if you Suffer from Diseases and Cancers, then Add the Extra THC from other strains.

    Here's to the new age of Utilizing Cannabis, the most Productive plant that creates; super Strong, light Weight, Carbon Negative components & Materials made from Hemp. It's up to Farmers to save the world by Growing for the Utilization of Cannabis in 60k ways! Using up precious natural resources while Polluting, destroying Earths environments IS NOT OK! The "Everything Plant", Cannabis, Heals the Environment (especially toxicity & radiation) where it grows, so add another reason George Washington was right when he said; "plant it everywhere"!

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Frank Altomari, who at age 16, created PotMan & Courteous Cannabis cartoon super heroes in the early 1980's,