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PotMan on Pollution

"The Everything Plant" = Societies Sustainable Solution!

      Our Energy & Fuel systems are Flawed, they should be Carbon Negative, Not highly Toxic and vulnerable to Spills while being expensive in comparison. 
      Our Textile & Manufacturing is Flawed, environmentaly & strength wise, also should be carbon neutral to carbon negative.
      Our Infrastructures are flawed, they could have been 10 times More Sustainable in Structure, and a thousand times More "Friendly" for the Earth.
      Nearly Everything Wrong with our Planet can be Linked to 1937 Cannabis Prohibition.

      We are not United because the majority DO NOT BELIEVE US when we tell them Cannabis IS the answer. Knowledge is Power and Cannabis IS the Most PRODUCTIVE Plant on Earth! It could Also Heal our planet, "While it Grows"!
      Help Unite our Divide by Advocating about the Everything Plant.


PotMan on Pollution

    The most important Subject is SUSTAINABILITY.
    First of all, Millions of people are currently and needlessly suffering. Advocating for Cannabis is the MOST HUMANITARIAN & NOBEL effort one could do right now!  
    Second, ADVOCATING for Cannabis ENVIRONMENTAL STABILITY because it has 60,000 superior, healthier uses for our planet and ALL LIFE! We are doing Gods work because "sustainability" is as close as one can get to "LOVE".

    The Wonders & Limitless Possibilities of what this plant can do is amazing. Todays technology may optimize nearly all products, ect. (Industries) with cannabis. It has the ability to create World Peace because of the SUSTAINABILITY it may provide.

    All of the worlds problems, Environmentally and Biologically can be Linked back to 1937 Cannabis Prohibition. Our planet is being Poisoned because of our flawed, Energies, Fuels, Textiles, toxic materials and massive polluting.
    Most could have been avoided had we used cannabis, "a virtually non toxic plant that kills toxicity, with the Most versatile Uses and growing conditions".

    We could stop the DESTRUCTION of our planet and REVERSE the Green house atmosphere and heal the soil and feed the PEOPLE, ECT. "the most versitile & healthy substance known to Man"!

    Various big businesses, with plenty of dollars and influence, have suppressed the truth from the people. We are allowing them to kill our planet without our consent!

    Proof that the Earth is being poisoned is Obvious in the rise of Deaths by POLLUTION and it gets worse every day. Flawed technology is now spread around the world.

    The Reason why cannabis sales/consumption is Rising is actually a Great thing! The more we consume, the Healthier we are. Late Night comedians Tell it like it's a bad thing, then put a lame spin on it that's supposed to be funny.

    The elevating Use does Not mean that the Addiction rate is Rising, the Addiction rate always remains the Same, 1 out of 10 (9%).

    Even though I use the word addiction, it is Only "Mentally Dependent to 9% of people.  Using it to "get high", the addiction/dependent rate caps off at 9%. That is the Least addictive substance we use. Caffeine, for example has a 11% addiction rate. Mentally dependent users do not suffer the physical withdrawals that would occur from other "drugs".

    For Thousands of years, mankind has Utilized plants for Enlightenment purposes.
Cannabis has been used in sacred ceremonies for our entire history. Some strains may work opposite of another, since Everyone is Different, experimentation may be required. Until the Day comes when We get Blood tests to Determine the "Proper Terpine & Strain for Every Body & Brain"! 

    Hemp consumption should be Daily , small amounts of fresh plant materials are Preventative Medicine (for most). If you Suffer from Diseases and Cancers, thats when to add thc, however, consult your local Dispensary for specific details.

    "They" Lied about Everything, about the "Everything Plant"!
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About Us

Frank Altomari, who at age 16, created PotMan & Courteous Cannabis cartoon super heroes in the early 1980's,