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The PotMan

Woodstock - Bethal, NY August, 1969 - A 3 day concert event! Can you even imagine half a million party-goers, with not enough; food, shelter, (no mobile phones back then) ect., and there was nothing but Peace & Love!
9 out of 10 party goers (450,000) smoked pot , No violence was reported. - 9 out of 10 people will NEVER become addicted to pot. - 9 out of 10 Americans do Not Believe it's the Solution Environmentally & Biologically. Let's get it Together - Enlighten About Sustainability.

The PotMan     Why do We continually allow the Destruction of the Earth day after day?
     Answer : Urgent Information has been continually Suppressed about : Natural Energy Solutions ( N.E.S.) since the 1920's alcohol Prohibition!
     Pollution creates DISEASE! Pollution created by Multiple Flawed Energies, Fuels & man made Materials & Practices are Now the #1 Invisable Killer in the Form of "Disease".

      When corruption starts at the top, and makes the rules, then the population can't help being corrupt and dysfunctional. Utilizing Cannabis is the #1 solution for Sustainability in over 60,000 alternative Superior improvements to our flawed infrastructure/world.

      If only WE had heeded the Warning of Theodore Roosevelt; "not to allow legal bribery (lobbyists) to influence policies". This is why Everything is messed up! This is where gov. went WRONG.

      If only prohibition, greed and corruption didn't shut down Henry Ford & Nicola Tesla, the Earth would be NORML. Cannabis may provide non toxic; Energy, Fuels, Textiles, water Bottles, ect. while creating Prosperity & Hope!It is the Most Sustainable Infrastructure/building material that Restores Balance to the Earth in many ways.

      We could be Healthy enough to be more prosperous and productive by "using, growing and selling" to nearly ALL corporations like Ford Motors ( just like Henry envisioned).

      Increased population is not a problem if we could Stop using Up all the precious Natural Resources ans Using Flawed Energies & Fuels. For nearly everything, we should be "Utilizing" Cannabis, the Earths Most Sustainable, Productive, Useful, Medicinal, Beneficial ''Plant''!

      George Washington, (all USA forefathers), Jack Herer and PotMan & Courteous Cannabis have recognized, "it's Our salvation". The Everything Plant is meant for Sustainability, the Solution Environmentally & Biologically"! Embrace the Everything Plant. Imagine the Infinite Possibilities Utilizing Potman! fb= Utilize Potman

About Us

Frank Altomari, who at age 16, created PotMan & Courteous Cannabis cartoon super heroes in the early 1980's,