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They Lied

Holy Con Job PotMan !

Massive Evidence Proves that the System LIES! March 2017 - The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) considers marijuana a drug with no medical value and nearly impossible to get approval to research it. The DEA also makes it impossible to study the cannabis products most people use, since researchers can only give study participants cannabis that is grown at DEA-approved facilities.

they lied

"It's pretty amazing" that we have so many unanswered questions, says Staci Gruber, an associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and director of the Marijuana Investigations for Neuroscientific Discovery program at Bostons McLean Hospital in MA.
Better long term health effects for body & brain! “After three months of medical marijuana treatment, patients actually performed better, in terms of their ability to perform certain cognitive tasks, specifically those mediated by the frontal cortex,” explained Gruber.

      Study participants also reported improvements in their specific clinical conditions, sleep, and overall health as well as a decreased use of conventional medications, particularly opiates. “We saw a 42 percent reduction in opioid use,” reported Gruber. This is significant, particularly for those of us in Massachusetts and other areas of the country where the opioid epidemic is ravaging so many. This preliminary finding certainly warrants deeper and broader investigation.

      "Cannabis is not an entrance drug, it's an exit drug from pharmaceuticals and narcotics," said Dhanabalan. Dr. Sue Sisley. who came from Arizona to testify Wednesday. "I'm not pro cannabis- I'm just pro science," said Sisley. She practices internal medicine and is also the Medical Director for medical cannabis license holders in 14 states. "I've started to examine the scientific literature, and I realized that there is a sufficient amount of scientific data to support the idea of cannabis as a medicine.

      If you’re familiar with cannabis, then you know that raw marijuana is non-psychoactive. Because of that fact, you might be wondering why you would ever want to eat unheated weed. Well, this herb may actually turn out to be one of the most nutritionally valuable plants we’ve found on Earth! Marijuana is a superfood.

      This incredibly unique plant contains over 400 different chemical compounds, "Cannabinoids Unique to Cannabis only and the Healthiest substances known to man. It contains 68% Edistin, that's the highest amount in all of the plant kingdom. The number of vitamins, essential oils, and acids found in cannabis has led experts like Dr. William Courtney to call weed a “dietary essential.” Marijuana is a particularly special plant in the world of nutrition because the herb contains extremely high concentrations of cannabinoid acids.

      Turns out, these acids are incredibly important for basic cell function. When you eat raw cannabis, your body is able to process extremely large amounts of THCa and CBDa without issue. However, When Heated or "Heated in the baking Process", (unless it's Hemp) you Must follow Directions to avoid feeling sick! Your body then converts these acids into the nutrients it needs via your own metabolism.

      As with all living things, nutrients power our basic bodily functions. For example, your body cannot produce the depression-fighting neurotransmitter serotonin without key B vitamins. Like other leafy greens, cannabis contains a wealth of nutrients and proteins when eaten as a raw herb or vegetable.

      Just read The Emperor Wears No Clothes , by Jack Herer (Official) - Hemp Can Save the Earth! Earthjustice 60k More Sustainable Uses than our current corrupt corporations who make their $ by suppressing & going around the ''Everything Plant"! We have been Paying for the Earths destruction! Collective Evolution / Education could bring "Peaceful Unity" and then "WE Demand CHANGE"! - greed still winning, Earth still Warming!

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