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marijiuana prohibition

Prohibition was Never about "getting high"

Prohibition was Never about "getting high", corruption has snowballed and continues to this day. Corporations own the laws. Money spent fighting pot are not really wasted dollars ( for them) ,it keeps our majority of citizens from recognizing the big picture (50,000 more sustainable uses) that they are making trillions going around the "Everything Plant"! Back in 2009, the DEA alone was spending 10 billion dollars per year, JUST FIGHTING POT!

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Potman is a cartoon character

What a Buddhaful World!

Potman is a cartoon character whom I created over 30 years ago!  He has been waiting in the cob webs of time for THE TRUTH about the "everything plant".  Many more details are constantly being updated on this site, and on our FB page Legalize Potman - "Utilize Potman". Pot is one of the most Dangerous drugs and was scheduled accordingly (schedule 1) by our gov.

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Potman's Neighborhood Cook Out

Potman's Neighborhood Cook Out

After more than 30 years, it IS finally time for PotMan! Good things are truly worth the wait.  PotMan and his little helper; Courteous Cannabis, are Now Here to Help. 50,000 reasons why I am a cannabis advocate, humanitarian and NOT a conspiracy theorist.

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George Carlin Commentary on Weed

This commentary from History (Georges Carlins standup), points out how Vice Pres.Dan Quayles actions not only drew negative attention but also indicates possible suspicious activities. Read below, This is How! Shop Now!

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About Us

Frank Altomari, who at age 16, created PotMan & Courteous Cannabis cartoon super heroes in the early 1980's,